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The Tangential: Transcript from the Show "Gals" by Lana Durham



MITZY: Hey, Betty do ya like my bloomers?

BETTY: Mitzy! Those bloomers are way too small on you. [Whispers] I can see your tuckus! Why are you always walking around with your tuckus out anyway?

MITZY: [Jiggles breasts comically] Cuz I’m just that kinda gal! Try and stop me!

BETTY: Aw Mitz,…

I know I’m supposed to say this because Becky’s my coblogger, but I think this post has been underappreciated.

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"I’m worried about the white people."

You know Girls has finally achieved complete cultural saturation when Hilton Als of The New Yorker weighs in with a blog post that begins this way and goes on to reminisce about a girl Als was once introduced to by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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The part of this episode of Girls that’s authentic to my experience is the part where you get told by the person you’re baby-sitting for that he/she really wants to have a deep conversation with you…sometime. Wants to just…get really real. Sometime. Maybe have a beer. When he/she isn’t so busy. K bye!

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